Welcome to our Blog!

We’re excited to announce to you our official blog!

There are a lot of ways to report your UFO sightings, but sometimes we don’t carry any camera and don’t have any witnesses with us to prove or share with them.

To overcome this, our company, Ubiwhere, has created an App for iPhone and iPad that allows us to make your own UFO research and record your sightings. In addition, you can share your sightings on your Facebook wall and watch your uploaded videos on Youtube.

But we not only want to promote our app, as we also want to join in the UFO communities.

We want to give you an environment where you can express your opinions about our app, where you can suggest ways of upgrading this app, as well as express and share experience and knowledge about UFO sightings, forums, websites, books everything you would like about this phenomenon.

So, welcome to the UFOaholic blog!


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