UFO Sightings around the world

Hi there!

I’ve been doing some research about UFO sightings and I’d found a lot of records in different countries and cities around the world.

On MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) website, only today I found 17 different sightings, 4 of them of today.

Here you have the description for those:

I was outside and something told me to look up, and thats when I saw A Orange color with A red glow. I told my husband look up and his like what is that never seen anything like that before. Then it just disappeared.

Il, US

UFO hovering and morphing under dense rain clouds. Disk like, looked as though it was slowly rolling and flipping head over heels. Drifted away until clouds obscured view.
Definitely not a bird, plane or helicopter. Had a faint torsion field (for lack of better words) around the object.
I was in my backyard looking southeast of Oakhurst, GA. looking up at the beautiful rain clouds when I spotted the object. It caught my eye because it stood out as something obviously anomalous.


First object seen was a flash of light, then it started to move but looked like a star, then it flashed again while moving up and disappeared. Second object seen was flashing white randomly while remaining stationary, a second object flashed near but flash was not as bright. Then a glowing white object flew over my house, but was high in the sky. Then we got scared and ran inside.


I was outside just looking at stars. A red glow caught my attention. Standing still looking thru trees using branches as marker I saw they were moving. No wind or breeze. Then I saw thy went in erratic directions and move 5-10 degrees with north being the origin and shifting 15 degrees to the west. When airplane closer to ground appeared under the red & altering white light the closest light would erratically move. Circle, oval, straight line and fast. When the one light was moving the other 4 were stationary. My wife saw same thing. I was interested and watched for 1-1/2 hr. My wife only watched 15 munites. I gave up about 1:45 to go in and get ready for bed. No structured shape was evident. They were orange/red for 75% of the time the remainder they were more yellow. No wind tonight. This allowed me to use tree branches as marks to verify they were moving. Lightening bugs were out but their light god on and off. The 5 objects never stopped glowing one of the colors.


I’d found some reports in Portugal (in UFO Portugal Blog) and in the UK (in UK UFO Sightings website) from the past few days, as well.

The Daily Mail published today an article saying that, according to a leading physicist, we’ll probably have a close encounter with aliens this century.

At least, this is a scientific prediction.

The same physicists warns that this is a matter for governments, who should prepare their citizens for our first extraterrestrial encounter now, rather than Hollywood.

So, how well prepared do you think we are?

Sources: MUFON; Daily Mail


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