Welcome to the official blog of the UFOaholic app.

My name is Helena and I’m a marketeer at Ubiwhere.

The UFOaholic App

Have you ever witnessed a UFO even and didn’t have any camera with you? Those days are now over! Meet the new UFOaholic iPhone app.

UFOaholic is an application made for all UFO hunters out there. More than just an application it is a useful tool that allows you to record any UFO sightings and share them in real time with the UFOaholic community worldwide.

Make your own UFO research and record your sightings with UFOaholic. You can also share your sightings in your Facebook wall and watch your uploaded videos on Youtube.

Join the UFOaholic community now!

Available on the App Store!

The Blog

The UFOaholic Blog was born on July/2012, with the main purpose of sharing knowledge and experiences about UFOs. It’s a blog for everyone who is interested in the UFO phenomenon.

Some of the main topics that we want to share are related to events, sightings and other news about UFOs.

The company

The main objective of the Ubiwhere is to research and to develop bleeding edge technologies, design state-of-the-art solutions and to create valuable intellectual property (by means of rich intangible assets) internally and to its clients.


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  1. ufoaholic says:

    You can send us an email to info@ufoaholic.com or you can use our Contact box here https://ufoaholic.wordpress.com/contact/

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