The Future of UFO research

November 6, 2012

The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP), an organization involved in UFO research, affirmed that the occurrence of “significant UFO events” has dropped notably over the past 2 decades. In addition, they said that this trend  has become so extreme that the UFO debate now focuses on only a handful of events, including claims that flying saucer crashed at Roswell in New Mexico in the 1940’s.

The same organization noted too a change in the nature of reported sightings and added that over the past 30 years classical sightings have been largely displaced by claims of UFO abductions.

A comparison has been made. While in 1972 UFO crashes were unknown or disregarded, in 2012 they effectively dominate the subject.  Assap added that the subject become influenced by conspiracy theories whose implications take ufology into extreme and alarming directions.

By contrast, Nick Pope told the Sunday Telegraph that there is a future for the subject. He stated that “There’s a quantity versus quality issue here”.

Channel 4 News Science Editor, Tom Clarke, explains why UFO watchers should not give up hope just yet.

It is perhaps inevitable that ‘traditional’ UFO enthusiasts would have to abandon the faith. The little green men in flying saucers and unexplained lights in the sky just have not stood up to scrutiny. The same advances in science and technology that made them seem plausible have failed to confirm they exist.

But to me it seems a shame that the UFO hunters may be giving up at a time when we are closer than ever to finding life in other worlds.

Rather than hearing cries from distant aliens, radio telescopes found equally incredible messages from beaming pulsars and the faint echoes of the big bang itself.

In 1992 the idea of planets beyond our solar system – so called extrasolar planets – was purely theoretical. But now astronomers are now finding real lost worlds almost everywhere they look. As of the beginning of this week 843 planets in 665 planetary systems have been discovered… and counting.

Few of these planets are suitable for life as we know it, but many are close. Just last month an Earth-sized planet was discovered orbiting our nearest neighbouring star Alpha Centuri. And statistically, the odds of a world similar to ours aren’t bad at all.

Based on data from NASA’s planet-hunting Kepler telescope there could be 500 million Earth-like planets in our galaxy alone.

Estimates of the number of galaxies in the universe vary quite a bit, but we are talking hundreds of billions – you get the general idea. What’s more, the chemicals that make up the likely building-blocks of carbon-based life are being found in the furthest reaches of space.

This summer, Danish scientists discovered sugar molecules just floating in space around a star 400 light years away. And now too, we have unprecedented power to reach out and find life directly.

This week the Mars curiosity rover began the rather odd task of sniffing for methane on the surface of Mars. Detecting it could indicate the presence of belching bacterial life-forms within the soil.

So far, not a whiff. But the truth is out there.

So, what is your opinion about this subject?

Source: Channel 4


The Roswell Location-based Experience

September 5, 2012

I found this a few days ago and I need to share it! I think more cities should do something like this to improve and promote the UFO tourism!

Local production company Airhart Media created a location-based experience that told Roswell’s secret history of how aliens influenced the work of Goddard, Oppenheimer and others.

The Roswell Experience is a location-based story told across 32 locations in Roswell, New Mexico, US which uses a fictional alien, Vrillon, to introduce visitors to the area’s rich history.

32 businesses and points-of-interest around the town held story segments that were unlocked by tweeting or texting the code found at the location. Each story segment was piece of a bigger puzzle that revealed the GPS coordinates of an alien landing.

The experience started with a crop circle and finished with an alien landing in Roswell’s Spring River Park & Zoo

The presentation below showcase the work of Airhart Media of Roswell, New Mexico, US and how Conducttr was used to support this new form of local, interactive storytelling.

Check it out!

Source: Transmedia Storyteller

AMMACH Conference

August 31, 2012

Tomorrow, Saturday, 1st September 2012, will be the Anomalous Mind Management Abductee Contactee Helpline (AMMACH) Conference.

Contrary to what was announced on our last newsletter, the conference will  now be a one day only event.

On the official website explains that:

Unfortunately, due to the lack of ticket sales, we have had to reduce the conference to  ONE DAY only.

AMMACH Conference Flyer

All the program was changed and now they will be featuring the Saturday speakers, and also a couple of others from the original Sunday list, as Cathi Morgan and Dr Young Hae Chi.

The conference its starts at 9.30am, at The Britannia Hotel, St James St. Nottinham NG1 6BN, Cavendish Suite – 1st Floor, and ends at 9.30pm. The price for the single day is £50.

For more information on this you can check the conference schedule list or the information about conference speakers.

For an overview about what is going to happen Saturday take a look at this video of Cathi Morgan speaking about mind control in the UK.

UFO News

August 24, 2012

Hi everyone!

On my last post I wrote about a lecture of Andrew Hodrien on BUFOG about Psychology and Ufology

UFOaholic Overview

On BUFOG Blog they posted that Andrew was only able to get through the first part of the lecture due to the sheer amount of info he had to share. In this way, they have decided to have him back in October, in order to let him lecture about the second topic.

Meanwhile, the day of the 1st Portuguese Vigil UFO finally came! So you can’t forget your UFOaholic App to record any sighting!

So if you are a UFO hunter or a UFO lover and want to record your own UFO sighting, what if we extend this vigil to more countries?

Let me know what are you planning!

Until then, to motivate you all, I leave you here an outstanding UFO report sighting from yesterday night in Scituate, MA, US.

Around 9:45 PM, I said goodnight to my boyfriend and hung up the phone as I gazed up at the stars, lying in a hammock on my back deck. While we were on the phone I saw two shooting stars and made wishes on them. After I hung up I was finishing my cigarette, I saw another, and two seconds later I saw three consecutive ones, but those three were unlike any shooting star I had ever seen. They had a very short streak which curved sharply. On one of them I wished that I would see an UFO. At that point, I thought about how sharply I could see the stars, how they pulsate and change from blue to red. They all seemed to be randomly blinking at me. I was just examining the sky, appreciating it. A star to my right, towards the SW, caught my attention. It was so bright and pulsated gold and red like no star I had ever seen before. So I continued to observe it for the next few minutes, it was very peculiar. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I began to notice the subtle movements it was making, hovering in small circular motions but not very noticeable unless you were paying attention, up and down left and right, clockwise and counterclockwise. I first thought I was the one moving, but I wasn’t, this was abnormal. I was questioning if I was really seeing what I thought it was, trying to identify what cosmic body it could be, but there was no explanation for what I was seeing. After about fifteen to twenty minutes of observation, I got the attention of my eleven year old sister to come outside and confirm what I was seeing and make sure my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me. She also thought at first it was a star, but then upon further observation, came to a horrifying realization that it was something we had never seen before. Fearfully, she asked me if they were going to land and said she was scared. My mom came outside and we pointed it out to her and she said it was a plane, an actual plane approached on the horizon coming from the NW, at an estimated eighty degrees. My sister exclaims, “THAT’S a plane, mom!” as she points to it. My mom tells us to go to bed and goes inside. I call the Scituate Police Non-Emergency Line and ask if they know of any aircraft in the area and explain what I’m seeing, as the station is within walking distance and would also be in view. The woman tells me they don’t know of any aircraft, like she even asked… Me and my sister continued to watch it for at least fifteen to twenty minutes together after that, trying to find something to film it but nor my phone or my mom’s iPhone camera was good enough to see it. Eventually she went inside and went to bed after giving up trying to convince me to come inside. I continued to watch it for probably less than ten minutes, when all of a sudden it sped away without a sound to the east, behind the trees where I couldn’t see and disappeared. Right then, 2 identical large planes or jets of some sort approached from the NE, in line, very close together, and proceeded to fly through the exact same spot I originally saw the object. I tried to locate it but it was gone. Maybe three minutes later an identical plane/jet to the previous two passed above me. There were a lot of planes throughout the whole sighting, one flying VERY close to the object. I continued to observe the sky, for around five or ten minutes when from the northern horizon a red and gold Saturn like object around the size of an aspirin less than a mile up flew overhead to the S and disappeared from view. There seemed to be an abnormal amount of planes flying about. I then noticed another, smaller star like object near where the first was originally, also moving even subtler, I approximate it was about a mile away. It was very difficult to write this all down, well remember well. I don’t know if it’s from lack of sleep or shock or a combination of the two, but I know what I saw was real. I sat outside for a long time scanning the sky, smoked a joint and then another cigarette. My mom came back outside and I pointed the third object out to her, and she agreed that it was moving and insisted I go to bed. I prayed to God that if aliens did come, they wouldn’t hurt anyone, and not to let them scare the shit out of me. Also, if they wanted to talk to me they could, just don’t let them take me because I need to be with my family. I sat and looked and listened and heard random abnormal noises coming from the woodland, and my own and my neighbor’s yards. From behind a tall, thick row of shrub trees between my house and my neighbors front yard, the solar light stuck in the grass went dark. That struck some fear in me. A strange bug like sound, a clicking, from one single creature was moving radially around me from about ten to twelve feet away, from the backyard and then to the front, shortly after the light went dark. I had this feeling whatever was making the sound was intelligent and tried to interact with it, but with no correlating success. After about maybe seven minutes, the light came back on, which scared me because I had moved around to make sure I hadn’t just obstructed the view with the trees. This is all I can remember at this point. I got the feeling that I was in the presence of something though. I’m just in shock. I went inside at about midnight, and have been writing this since, trying to explain and wondering if that really just happened. Also, if I didn’t feel this was extremely important to write down while it’s fresh or wasn’t absolutely sure these were real sightings or not, I wouldn’t have stayed up until two thirty in the morning writing this when I have to wake up for work in four hours for a nine hour shift. Awesome.

Source: MUFON

MUFON Major Announcements

August 6, 2012

During the last MUFON Symposium, were made two major announcements!

First one was that the research papers of Leonard Stringfield, an Ufologist and UFO crash investigator,  have been donated to MUFON. Stringfields work encompassed sixty volumes of meticulous UFO research over 30 years.

The second announcement was made by Harry Drew who took the podium in Covington, Ky., explaining he is convinced he has located two sites where alien craft landed or crashed in 1953, in Kingman, Arizona.

According to Drew, military personnel quickly retrieved and cleaned up the wreckage. The archaeologist and historian apparently included photos of the sites in his presentation, as well as presented information contradicting past accounts of the case and alleged crashes.

This announcement contradicts the original information presented by Raymond Fowler who first broke the details in 1973, and now claims that his information was from Fritz Werner, later identified to be Arthur Stansel.

In 1973, Stansel/Werner provided Fowler with an alleged crashed UFO event in Kingman, Arizona two decades earlier. Right below you can check his statement.

Fowler checked the integrity of Stansel and everyone who knew him said that he was a man of considerable integrity and scientific ability.

Another story supporting the 1953 crash near Kingman came to UFO researcher Leonard Stringfield in 1977. A man who was in the National Guard at Wright Patterson claimed that he was witness to a delivery from a “crash site in Arizona in 1953.

We’re  looking forward for new information from Harry Drew with some additional credible information if this case is going to be considered a landmark UFO case. On one of my latest posts, I’ve announced the MUFON 2012 Symposium.

MUFON Symposium is one of the largest annual gatherings of UFO enthusiasts bringing together participants who claim to have had encounters with alien life, those who believe their stories and those who simply are curious.

UFOaholic in the news

July 20, 2012

The past few hours have been crazy for UFOaholic!

We are receiving lots of mentions, comments and suggestions all over the web!

It has already been called as a

revolutionary new tool which should make sightings and reporting quick and easy

And there people betting that

pretty soon it will probably have a big impact on the web

As if this was not enough, UFOaholic was referred on a report of WPDE NewsChannel 15, by Ryan Naquin.

Check out the report!

I want to thank everyone who have mentioned and supported the UFOaholic!

However, some blogs and some websites are saying that UFOaholic is free. It must be clarified that UFOaholic  isn’t free, although it is almost free!

You can check it on App Store.

As many people have already done, do not let your sighting being unnoticed!
UFOaholic is available on the app store!

Workshop of Astrobiology, Aveiro University

July 19, 2012

Between 18th and 20th of October will be performed an Workshop of Astrobiology at the Aveiro University, in Portugal, organized by their Biology Department.

Entitled as Is there life outside planet Earth? the purpose of this workshop it isn’t to unravel the mystery but, instead, facilitate the search for answers.

This workshop will bring together national and international scientists of different areas and it will also encompass different activities such as lectures, a round table and two poster sessions  for graduate students, researchers from academia or companies that can demonstrate the  applied aspects of research and a field trip to a geological formation of interest to Astrobiology. You can check the preliminary scientific program further on.

Another objective of the workshop is to increase awareness on Astrobiology among the non-scientific community, by offering an open session.

The event is open to interested parties from all nationalities and from different disciplines and is aimed particularly for researchers, entrepreneurs and representatives of the media.


Astrobiology is an interdisciplinary field of knowledge that deals with fundamental questions such as the possibility of life in other planets and the origins and evolution of life.
It involves the collaboration of disciplines like biology, physics, geology, chemistry, planetary sciences and medicine, as well as science communication and education to deal with the following specific issues:

  • Which instruments and techniques are used to investigate life (past and present) on other
  • planetary bodies;
  • Which chemical processes are crucial for life;
  • What are the limits for life on Earth;
  • What can we learn by studding Mars analogue extreme environments on Earth;
  • Which other planets can support Earth–like life;
  • How to improve public engagement with astrobiology. This workshop is intended to facilitate an international and interdisciplinary forum for discussion.

Preliminary Scientific Program

Thursday, October 18

10:00 – 11:00 Registration
11:00 – 12:00 Tutorial
12:00 – 13:00 Lunch
13:00 – 14:00 Press-conference/Media Briefing
14:00 – 14:20 Welcome session (UA Rectorate)
14:20 – Opening Plenary/Lecture

  • “Astrobiology with ESA Missions” B. Foing (ESA-ESTEC) (40 min., including questions)

15:00 – Panel 1: “Exploring Space” (Session chair: Physics Dep. UA) Speakers:

  • “The stability of astronomical conditions for life on Earth” R. Agostinho (Astronomical Observatory of Lisbon) (20 min.)
  • “Detecting water abundance on the giant planets – implications for the solar system formation” F. Simões (GSFC-NASA) (20 min.)
  • “Cold sky mapping” D. Barbosa (Telecomunications Inst., UA) (20 min.)
  • 10 min. questions

16:10 – Coffee-break
16:30 – Panel 2: “Strange kind of life” (Session chair: A. Alves, DBUA & CESAM)

  • “Looking for life in the Solar System” (E. Velasco, VUA) (20 min.)
  • “Terrestrial invaders – how to prevent contamination from Earth”(L. Rodrigues, DBUA&CESAM/VUA) (20 min.)
  • “Life in extreme environments” (20 min.)
  • 10 min. questions

18:00 – Contributed Talks/Poster session I
18:00 – Collaboration meeting
19:30 – Workshop Dinner
21:00 – Public (open) session (Fábrica, Centro de Ciência Viva de Aveiro)
(Moderator: P. Pombo, Fábrica, Centro de Ciência Viva de Aveiro)
Conference by R. Agostinho (Astronomical Observatory of Lisbon)

Children sessions “Dad, I’m going to space and I will be right back” (Fábrica, Centro de Ciência Viva de Aveiro)

Friday, October 19

9:30 – Panel 3: “Searching for life” (Session chair: GeoSciences Dep. UA)

  • “Deep-sea discoveries – a changed view of life” M. Cunha (DBUA&CESAM) (20 min.)
  • “Molecular tools in astrobiology” S. Direito (VUA) (20 min.)
  • 10 min. questions

10:20 – Coffee-break
10:50 – Panel 4: ”New challenges” (Session chair: A. Correia, DBUA & CESAM)

  • Space environment health challenges for cancer disease” J. Valdivia-Silva (AmesNASA&UNAM) (20 min.)
  • “Astrobiological Aspects of Simulated Mars mission and Human Factors” B. Rai (VUA&ILEWG Amsterdam)
  • 10 min. questions

11:30 – Contributed Talks/Poster session II
12:30 – Lunch
14:00 – Panel 5: “Education and communication” (Session chair: P. Pombo, Fábrica Centro de Ciência Viva de Aveiro)

  • “Scientific Publishing from the Inside Out” M. Cruz (Science Magazine, UK) (20 min.)
  • “Break the news: We found extraterrestrial life!” P. Russo (Universe Awareness)
  • International Project Manager, LU) (20 min.)
  • 10 min. questions

14:50 – Closing Plenary/Lecture

  • “Astrobiology – Future perspectives” P. Ehrenfreund (LU/SPI) (40 min., including questions)

15:30 – 16:00 Closing Session (DBUA&CESAM)
18:00 – Trip to Caminha
19:30 – Dinner (Porto/V.N. Gaia) (1h trip Aveiro-Porto+1h30 trip Porto-Caminha)
22:30 – Arrival to Caminha

Saturday, October 20

9:00 – Brief on Field Trip (Caminha)
T. Valente (DCT/UM)
9:30 – Field Trip “Valdarcas – mine drainage site with potential interest as an extremophile environment”
11:45 – Lunch buffet
13:00 – Trip back to Aveiro

Registration is now open and can be performed through the email address

Source: Universidade de Aveiro